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Move-in, Move-out cleaning

Are you buying or selling a house? Moving apartments? Renting apartments that will change tenants? Fantastic Broom Home Cleaning offers comprehensive move-in and move-out cleaning services. Whether you are leaving or settling into a new home, call Fantastic Broom Home Cleaning for a professional home cleaning that will leave your house or apartment sparkling like new. We can do an intense cleaning in a day, leaving your property in the best possible conditions.

Bright Room


  • Remove spider webs

  • Clean Fans, lights

  • Clean Baseboards

  • Vacuuming all carpet areas

  • Sweeping all floors and Mopping

  • Clean the window frames

  • Clean outside and inside the doors

  • Window Cleaning (inside)

  • Clean Blinds


  • Clean Toilet.

  • Clean Bathtub.

  • Clean shower.

  • Clean Doors.

  • Clean Baseboards.

  • Clean lights fixtures.

  • Remove Spider Webs.

  • Counter Cabinet ( outside ).

  • Mirrors and Accessories.

  • Clean Sink.

  • Mopping all floors.

  • Take out trash.

  • Clean Blinds

Bathroom with bathtub
Spacious Living Room

Living Room

  • Vacuuming all carpet areas.

  • Mopping all tile floors.

  • Dust fireplace if it's needed.

  • Clean Fans.

  • Clean Doors.

  • Clean Baseboards.

  • Take out trash.

  • Clean light switches.

  • Window Cleaning (inside)

  • Clean Blinds


  • Deep clean refrigerator (inside /outside )

  • Deep Clean Oven & Stove (inside /outside )

  • Clean All Cabinets & Pantry ( inside /outside )

  • Put new trash bags in trash can if existing one

  • Clean & Sanitize Sinks & Counters

  • Clean Inside Microwave

  • Clean front of dishwasher

  • Clean Blinds

Kitchen Interior with Island
Folding Shirts


  • Washing Machine (outside).

  • Dryer (outside).

  • Cabinets (outside).

  • Vacuum/Mopping all floors.


  • Mop Kitchen and Bathroom floors.

  • Vacuum and mop hard wood floors.

  • Vacuum all rooms and hallways.

  • Spot scrub any scuff or food marks on all floors.

Floor Mop
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