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Commercial Cleaning Services

Office cleaning services are a must for busy companies. And In today's competitive business world you know how important it is to have a facility clean and presentable office.

We offer a daily service to keep professional and small business offices looking just that. Unlike residential customers traffic is much higher for an office cleaning client.

Our staff is highly- supervised and we use our own products and equipment. We are fully licensed and insured to provide professional office cleaning services.


Commercial cleaning areas includes

  • Lobby, foyer and Reception Areas

  • Hallways

  • Cubicles

  • Office Areas

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Lounges and common areas

  • Break rooms and kitchens

  • Restrooms Sink/Toilet

Our cleaning procedures

  • Vacuuming Carpeted areas

  • Dusting and mopping hard surface floors

  • Dust and spot clean all office furniture

  • Cleaning of doors and doorways

  • Complete detailed cleaning of the restrooms

  • Complete detailed cleaning of the kitchens

  • Remove Spider webs

  • Remove trash and replace bags

Open Space Office
Home Construction

Post Construction Cleaning Services

  • Top to bottom cleaning of the whole house

  • Inside all cabinets, drawers, closets, appliances.

  • Thorough dusting of everything from top to bottom.

  • Deep cleaning of all floors, bathrooms and kitchen.

  • Cleaning and dusting of all baseboards, floorboards, etc.

  • Make sure the home is completely dust free.

  • Inside of all windows, blinds/shutters.

Please keep in mind that for a post construction cleaning the home has to be completely done with no workers working in the home. We want to make sure there won’t be anymore ways where dust will be

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